The Band

Our Story So Far


Spandau Ballet lasted ten years, a career arc that spanned the Eighties in perfect symmetry, from the nightclubs of Soho and Ibiza to Hollywood and the stadiums of Europe and Australia. Along with the other bastions of New Pop, Spandau Ballet defined the decade – proving, perhaps, that eyeliner, tartan capes and the variances of the Linn drum are not necessarily mutually exclusive. They came, they saw, they partied. And then they left, leaving a good-looking legacy.

And now they’re back for one more dance.


Gary Kemp


Born on 16th October 1959, Gary grew up in Islington, London, on the tougher side of the Essex Road. He first started playing guitar and writing at the age of eleven, but decided he wanted to be in a band after watching Bowie throw his arm around Mick Ronson and sing abut a starman. Gary attended Dame Alice Owen’s grammar school where he met the boys that would eventually become Spandau Ballet. He’s been a Bowie Freak, a Soul Boy, a Punk and a New Romantic, one of which he helped to invent. He owes everything to Trevor Huddleston, Anna Scher, and of course, his mum and dad.

Gary is thrilled to be back playing in the best band in the world, the band that changed his life forever.


Martin Kemp


Martin was born in Islington in October 1961. By the age of six he was attending the Anna Scher Children’s Theatre, and by the age of ten appeared regularly on television in programmes including Rumpole Of The Bailey, Dixon Of Dock Green, The Tomorrow People and Jackanory!

In 1979 his older brother, Gary, formed the new romantic band Spandau Ballet and shortly after Martin was asked to be their bass player.


Steve Norman

Percussion and Saxophone

Steve was initially a guitarist in the band along with Gary Kemp. By the third Spandau Ballet album not only did he bring his love of percussion to the mix but also introduced the saxophone which has since become his signature instrument.

In the early 90s, after the band members went their separate ways, Steve moved to Ibiza and took time out from performing in order to re-evaluate and come to terms with the demise of something which was a huge part of his life and very close to his heart.


John Keeble


John Keeble has spent most of his life “Hitting things with other things”…

A founder member of Spandau Ballet, he continues to earn his living on a drum stool…

It all began at 8.20am on the 6th July 1959, or so it is written.

I was born into the Brecknock, North London on the cusp of a new decade and despite being rather too young to fully explore the Swingin’ 60’s there were some high points…


Ross William Wild


Ross has carved out a diverse career as a talented singer and actor appearing in shows such as The Witches of Eastwick, We Will Rock You and The Million Dollar Quartet. He studied Musical Theatre at Glasgow Academy of Musical Theatre Arts and it was always his dream to front a rock band.

Away from music is his interests include Kickboxing and Taekwondo, which he has practised at a high level since the age of 15.