“My Favourite Show at Hammersmith…”

Wed, August 29, 2018

With Spandau playing their first ever show at the legendary Hammersmith Apollo / Odeon on October 29th, we thought it would be fun to ask each band member about their favourite gig that they had seen there.

Step up Mr Steve Norman...

“I was a big Status Quo fan back in the early ‘70s during their ‘Piledriver’ and ‘Hello’ period. At their Hammy Odeon gig, the guitarists in the band entered the stage, ignoring the audience and tuning up their guitars whilst facing their amps. It was all a part of the show, of course as the roadies would normally do the tuning up for them. After ten seconds or so, Francis Rossi, in his trademark denim waistcoat counted the first song in… ‘One..two..three..four!’ And as one, the band turned to face the audience, walked to the front of the stage and began chugging away with their inimitable brand of boogie. It brought the house down.”



First up is our very own Rock God, Keebs...

“My favourite show at The Hammersmith Odeon is a difficult choice. How could I not choose Rush or Motörhead or Thin Lizzy…? Queen win with A Night At The Opera. I was in awe. I still have the reviews in the cover of the album. For me, Freddie was the best singer, the greatest frontman, and the focal point - Roger had a gong. Nuff said.

Little did I know then, as an aspiring teenager that but a few years later I would be rubbing shoulders with Queen, indeed sharing a stage at Live Aid. That was a game-changing show as it encompassed musicality, theatrics, stagecraft and pure rock’n’roll. That’ll do it for me now. It did it for me then.”



Spandau Ballet play the Eventim Apollo Hammersmith in London on October 29th - Their ONLY UK DATE IN 2018!

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