1. Parade


    25 May 1984

    I'll Fly For You

    Passion take the wind
    And break me from this tie;
    We’re mortals on the earth
    But gods up in the sky.

    I haven’t got a clue,
    I haven’t got a thing,
    But what I give to you,
    Is all that I could bring

    I’ll give you all my time,
    That’s everything to me;
    You know my only crime
    Is this flight of fantasy.

    Because I’ve nothing else here for you,
    And just because it’s easier than the truth,
    Oh, if there’s nothing else that I can do,
    I’ll fly for you.

    I’m just an average boy,
    You’re more than average girl,
    And when you sing to me the sho-be-doos you sing so well.
    Oh, don’t you know that when I’m under you
    I’m overjoyed?