1. Diamond


    04 Mar 1982

    Coffee Club

    Matthew didn’t stay home,
    He went abroad instead,
    Journeys to glory breathing in his head.
    Got caught up with shoe horns,
    But he couldn’t get a shine,
    Matthew bought the rap
    And read the map without a sign.

    Contort yourself on disco
    With a rap-trap white and brown,
    Caught within the spinning
    The key-chain gang went down.
    No coffee club will have the rub
    When product is your answer;
    Discuss the man, he’ll break your plan,
    It’s deep within the dancer…

    Wear it on your back now
    And summarise your vision;
    On the train and through the blame,
    Your own soul decision.
    Well she had a certain shimmer,
    She sleeps with him tonight;
    Stifled love decides where I’m dreaming…