1. Heart Like A Sky

    Heart Like A Sky

    23 Sep 1989

    Empty Spaces

    Once there were times love
    When we could touch the air between
    And out acroos this room
    Wed just touch hands life would shine
    With electric dreams.
    No matter how many miles
    Nothing hurt long-distance-hearts
    And there was always something there
    That space could never keep apart
    But now I know inside that something is died
    When were apart
    All we have are
    Empty spaces.
    Its not like were building walls
    Too hard to climb to make us blind
    Its just so much numbing space
    To hollow out the heart and mind
    And I can hear echoes of ghosts of love
    We left behind.
    Ill always love april
    We fell in love and we planted seeds
    But now we walk through fallen trees
    And leaves are crushed beneath
    And I will always live in autumn
    Now were agreed
    All we have are
    Empty spaces.
    Ithought this was meant to be
    Our love had an energy
    But only as time evolved
    And all of our strength dissolved
    And well never feel the flame that burned so naked
    I walk through kentish town
    And all the rain rain pouring down
    So many people here
    But space like this Ive never found
    And as I get back home and step inside
    I realise all I have
    All I have are
    Empty spaces.